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September 14, 2014

by Admin

Barbara Rabin: a colleague’s recommendation

I consider it my rare fortune to work with Barbara Rabin as a fellow teacher. Our school environment provides constant opportunities for the teachers to observe one another and collaborate on activities with the children. Therefore I have seen Barbara with her students, day after day, and witnessed the profound sense of trust and goodwill that she creates in her classroom.

Barbara has an understanding of teaching that recognizes every nuance of behavior—both the children’s and her own. She has a sensitive awareness which guides her students from within, inviting them to cooperate in an experience that brings joy to everyone involved. So effortless does her work seem, that one can easily be misled into thinking that the children themselves are the originators of the harmony around her. A few hours with those same children is enough to convince one otherwise.

It is Barbara’s energy and teaching style that have provided the foundation for Ananda School of the Peninsula, where we work. Her way of working with children is respectful and encouraging; her way with colleagues and student teachers is the same. She lives by the belief that greatness and beauty exist within everyone she meets, and she easily inspires people to dedicate themselves to the school. She rejoices far more in the successes of those around her than in her own.

Teaching has become for Barbara a way of understanding all experience. We have shared many conversations about the relationship between child reality and adult reality. She habitually perceives the educational value of almost any event in the life of the school, and our lives in general. She is dedicated to teaching for the simple selfless purpose of spreading good in the world.

I am at a loss to measure the extent to which Barbara has enriched my teaching career.


Theodore Timpson

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