About Me

Barbara Rabin HeadshotI have over thirty years of experience teaching elementary school, developing curricula, adopting best practices, supervising and training teachers, designing summer school programs, and tutoring privately. I was Co-founder, Head Teacher, and Early Childhood Coordinator for the Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto, CA for 19 years and was a founder of and Creative Director for The Children’s School of Art & Science.

I have worked in diverse public and private educational environments, including Columbus Academy, Rowland Hall–St. Mark’s School, Poughkeepsie Day School, and Lewis Central School. In that time I have designed and operated integrated alternative curricula, school publication projects, summer school programs, and a highly regarded children’s theater program. I hold a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.S. in Classroom Teaching from the State University of New York and a lifetime teaching certificate. My approach to teaching is characterized by two of the most enduring school rules that I have had in my primary classrooms: Choose Happiness and Practice Kindness. My intense love of art, truth, and children’s education is expressed by the timeless words of Oscar Wilde: “To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. One does not see anything until one sees its beauty.”

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