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September 14, 2014

by Admin

Dear Parent,

I have the privilege of knowing and working with Barbara for 15 years—first in the role of my son’s teacher for three years and currently as a fellow teacher at Living Wisdom School. I consider her influence on my son’s development to be one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Barbara is a true genius when it comes to working with children. Her skills lie in her practical knowledge of early childhood development combined with an innate ability to bring out the highest potential from each student. Her concrete results with the many different types of children she has worked with are truly remarkable. Barbara’s talent is based on many years of learning, observing, reflecting, and honing her skills. Barbara loves the world of education and is a lifelong learner herself!

Barbara guides each child toward greater self-expression. She does so with patience, gentleness, and a great respect for the child’s natural rhythm of maturity.

Barbara has been a mentor for me as a teacher for the last 7 years. She gives of her time and expertise freely. She works with young teachers as well as she works with students. She is patient, insightful, and wise.

Barbara’s vision has been the guiding force behind our school’s theater productions for the last 14 years. She understands what children are capable of when given support and loving guidance from a teacher they trust. The results speak for themselves. Our graduates return again and again to thank our school for an education that respected their individuality while at the same time encouraged to learn, grow, take chances, and to explore their own potential in a safe and loving environment. This is the gift Barbara Rabin has given to each of her students and to the Living Wisdom School!

Gary McSweeney
Teacher and President, Board of Directors

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