Rowland Hall – St. Mark’s School

September 14, 2014

by Admin

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of recommendation for Barbara [Rabin] Green whom I have known for nine years as her Headmaster (employer).

Simply stated, Barbara is one of the top teachers I have encountered in my 25-plus year career in education. In fact, I have never known a first grade teacher as good as Barbara. I would place Barbara in that rare category of true master teacher.

Why is Barbara so good? I believe it is because of her unique blend of loving enthusiasm, positive reinforcement techniques, excellent knowledge of pedagogy and an openness to new ideas. She cares deeply about each child. Her written reports are evidence of her concern for every student. Parents trust her, the kids love her, and, her colleagues look up to and admire Barbara’s teaching. To watch one of Barbara’s classes is to feel warm yourself as you see love and learning and respect for others before you.

Barbara is often a mentor for less experienced faculty. She is a senior teacher for us which means that part of her responsibility is to mentor new faculty. She is exceptionally good at “teaching teachers.”

Finally, Barbara is a team player. She works beautifully with the administration and cares deeply about the school as a whole. She is always supportive and caring toward her colleagues.

Any school that hires Barbara [Rabin] Green will be most fortunate. Without a doubt she’s one of the best teachers in this country.


A. Thomas Jackson
Headmaster, Rowland Hall – St. Mark’s School
January 18, 1990

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