Presentation Plus

Confident Self Expression

Barbara’s students first discover they can do things because Barbara believes in them. Then they realize they can do anything because they believe in themselves. —Pat Christensen, parent

Confidence in PresentationPresentation Plus is a class that integrates social emotional learning, leadership skills and academics. It gives students a unique opportunity to focus exclusively on the many skills required to present oneself successfully. Through this class, children:

  • Develop self expression through learning thoughtful language needed in a variety of situations,
  • Gain confidence speaking before a group,
  • Practice voice projection techniques,
  • Tell a story/read aloud with dramatic expression,
  • Create their own stories and puppet shows,
  • Distinguish how to present themselves with confidence in different situations, and
  • Learn to engage a group of peers when sharing an idea.

Overcoming the fear of presentation before an audience of any kind is a life skill needed to succeed in school and in life. Beginning to learn this skill as a young child is great way to ensure entrance to much-desired environments and to do so with ease.

This class is given as an after-school opportunity for groups of eight 1st-through-3rd grade students. The fee for the entire 14-session course is $400 per child. I welcome all inquiries both from parents and from educators interested in offering this class at school.


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