Private Tutoring

Ezra readingI provide private sessions in all elementary subjects for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I help students to:

  • Read competently and fluently
  • Develop confidence as a lifelong learner
  • Develop essential reading comprehension skills
  • Enjoy the reading-writing process
  • Develop an increased ability to sustain concentration
  • Acquire life skills; develop strategies for test-taking, organizing school materials and assignments; and create workable study habits

Reading and Expressive Language

I use a multi-sensory, integrated approach to the teaching of reading; this approach is guided by the Spalding and Slingerland methods. Building an effective reading process over time includes an individual assessment to determine the most effective approach, an explanation of methodology to parents, followed by an organized plan for remediation. It’s all about finding the unique approach necessary to give the student the tools to become a skillful, life-long reader.

Alleviating the anxiety and stress students develop early-on is key.

Study Habits and Organization

Lessons are given in how to organize materials, prioritize assignments, manage time and focus attention.

Learning to use strategies to sustain focused attention on assignments is a skill needed to succeed in school and then throughout life.

Writing Skills

Play ReflectionSkillful reading and writing develop hand-in-hand. Students develop as writers when their environment provides the proper conditions for writing. I have taught writing for over 30 years and have never yet met a student who couldn’t develop confidence as a writer.


I make use of concrete objects to illustrate understanding of concepts. I believe that it’s important to help students make connections among mathematical ideas so they do not see these ideas as disconnected facts. Building students’ new understanding of mathematical concepts on top of the foundation of their prior learning is the most effective strategy.

It’s important to remember that students’ correct answers to math problems—without accompanying explanations of how they reason—are not sufficient for judging mathematical understanding.


$80 per hour / $120 for 1.5 hours. Fees are paid monthly at the first session.

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