The Columbus Academy, Douglas W. MacKelcan, Jr.

September 14, 2014

by Admin

To Whom It May Concern:

In my twenty years as a teacher, coach and administrator at three independent schools, never have I encountered a better teacher than Barbara [Rabin] Green. She epitomizes all that is creative, energetic and exuberant about our profession.

Although Barbara will have spent only two years on the faculty at The Columbus Academy when she departs for California this summer, her impact on the school has been profound. She arrived at a critical point in our transition from an overly competitive, teacher-directed elementary program to the cooperative, creative and stimulating environment which now marks the Lower School. Her exceptional work in the first grade classroom has inspired children, excited parents, and served as a terrific model for her colleagues. She loves children, and her warmth and concern exudes every move of her day. In every aspect of the curriculum, she has stretched her students and injected a love of learning which undoubtedly will stay with them the rest of their lives. If only my two boys could start over with Barbara!

Beyond her classroom, I have asked Barbara to take a leading role on our Professional Development Committee, and thanks to her efforts the PDC is a viable group in the school. In addition, she has served as a mentor to new teachers. Her colleagues in the first grade, both new teachers in the school this year, have benefited immensely from her wisdom and thoughtfulness. Her presence will be felt at the Academy long after she leaves.

I abhor overly generous recommendations which describe prospective teachers unrealistically as superhuman paragons of virtue. However, Barbara [Rabin] Green richly deserves all of my kind words…and many more. She is an extraordinary teacher, an even better person, and the kind of person all of us should have the good fortune to know and work with at least once in a career. If you have an opening, I urge you to offer her a job. She will make you look like a brilliant recruiter! More importantly, the children will thank you.


Douglas W. MacKelcan, Jr.

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