The Columbus Academy, Wilhelmina P. Orr

September 14, 2014

by Admin

Barbara [Rabin] Green has been a great addition to the Lower School of The Columbus Academy. Her gentle, warm manner is the role model we were looking for in a teacher of young children. Her love of teaching is evident every day in everything she does. The students adore her, and the parents feel they have found the perfect teacher for their children. First Grade is such an important year for youngsters; it can influence their whole future learning experience. When they know they have someone who cares, who encourages them, who gives them positive strokes every day and emphasizes their strengths, they are willing to risk anything the teacher asks of them. Barbara is that person. You can tell she is practicing all she was meant to be.

Barbara’s interests are many—reading, art, health, exercise, people, and especially education. Her enthusiasm for each is high, and she uses her energies to get the most out of all she sets her mind to. I find her talents extraordinary and enjoy so much our times of talking together about philosophy, children, education in general, and the world at large.

Barbara’s classes are filled with good ideas. Coming into a new situation, she quickly picked up the curriculum being taught and was able to mold it to her way of teaching to make it hers. The students responded with enthusiasm and interest, and so far I feel have had an outstanding experience. She knows what she wants to accomplish, and she helps the children reach these goals. First Grade has a lot of material to process, but Barbara is working with these children to see that they master the skills. I know she will have some excellent suggestions for future curriculum study and modifications when we finish this year.

Professionally, Barbara has participated in workshops and seminars, served on committees, and made herself available to other teachers for her expertise and opinion. We are all grateful she is a member of our faculty.

Wilhelmina P. Orr
Head of Lower School

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